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IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Jared Dunbar
Last Update: March 2016
VM Host (Physical): hydra
Host VM: Turist

Hostname: http://turist.cslabs.clarkson.edu
Operating system: Debian
LDAP Support: No
Development Status: Completed
Status: Running

Turist is for alumni who want to share files and stuff.

The SSH Daemon runs on Clarkson's zip code

Submit your SSH keys and preferred username to dunbarj@clarkson.edu

Current Users

Username Real Name
alan Alan Beadle
cmesh Christian Mesh

Adding a User

Add the user

adduser <username>

Come up with some password and then forget it (it's not necessary to remember, the user can set it but it does nothing since you can't ssh over password (only public key) and there's no sudo for users.

Add their SSH public key

Log in as root, and make a file at /etc/ssh/authorized_keys/<username>

Edit that file to contain their public key, and then profit.