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Hello. I'm Alan.

I'm currently a CS Masters student at Clarkson, and I spend a lot of time in COSI working on lots of things but nothing in particular. My undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering, making me a "Mechaniputer Enginientist". I also have a strong interest in Computing history.

Some things that I have done/worked on in the labs include:

  • ITL and COSI Debian builds
  • ITL hardware deployment
  • Migration of docs to new VM
  • Maintenance of docs
  • Maintenance of web VMs
  • Temporary DHCP and SSH Gateway setups
  • Building the COSI cubby/shelf
  • COSI Library maintenance
  • The great summer cleaning of Summer '15
  • The great refocusing of Summer '15
  • Whatever else is going on that I can help with