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Hi, my name is Jared. I can be summoned by causing a single thread program to enter a race condition with itself, or by contacting me with the information below (preferably - it's less painful)

General Title Information

  • Official VM Host Maintainer
  • Official Network Maintainer

I can do many other things as well, and I have the skills to be a standalone sysadmin if need be. For more skills, please see my resume, below, or contact me directly (for many things don't fit on the resume)


  • Hydra: A VM host that me and Baha and James Bruska created which has 32 cores and 64 GB of ram.
  • Gitlab: Previously Distance, runs our COSI GitLab instance.
  • management: A group of software and hardware projects (full stack if you will) which monitors all of the servers using in-house software that I have made
  • Some miscellaneous VM's are also on this list, including but not limited to comm, management, moodle,...
  • Primary contact for setting up new virtual machines for any kind of research, as well as for projects within the labs - if you need to know our accommodations in this regard, please contact Jeanna Matthews at


  • management2 is a full stack project that I am working on that uses UDP and CGI among other things to monitor hardware and networking information. Soon to be upgraded to manage3 with a new JavaScript implementation, and splitting off the network administration part to a VM (cacti).

Contact Info

I am contactable at on my personal email, and for Clarkson email, and if it's OIT related (but I don't check that often).

My personal website is and if there is an emergency I can be contacted pretty much anytime at 860-578-6821

My resume is as