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Hi, my name is Jared. I can be summoned by causing a single thread program to enter a race condition with itself, or by contacting me with the information below (preferably - it's less painful)

I'm a COSI System Administrator

For my skills, please see my resume, below, or contact me directly (for many things don't fit on the resume)


  • Talos: LDAP/Kerberos, DNS, DHCP server
  • Odin: Instructional VM for teaching CS141, CS444, etc.
  • ITL Windows Build: Anything Windows in the lab? I manage the installation process.
  • Hydra: A VM host that me and Baha and James Bruska created which has 32 cores and 64 GB of ram. (handing off)
  • Gitlab: COSI GitLab instance.
  • management: A group of software and hardware projects (full stack if you will) which monitors all of the servers using in-house software that I have made
  • Some miscellaneous VM's are also on this list, including but not limited to comm, management,...
  • Primary contact for setting up new virtual machines for any kind of research, as well as for projects within the labs


  • management2 is a full stack project that I am working on that uses UDP and CGI among other things to monitor hardware and networking information. Soon to be upgraded to manage3 with a new JavaScript implementation

Contact Info

I am contactable at on my personal email, and for Clarkson email, and if it's OIT related (but use RT tickets through plz)

My personal website is and if there is an emergency I can be contacted pretty much anytime at tel:860-578-6821

My resume is as