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Name: Jacob Torrey Position: Alumni / Graduate Student

Some of my projects include[d]:

  • BrainFuck++: A superset of BrainFuck which adds on file IO and networking.
  • Wiki Wide Web: A firefox extension that allows users to edit any website.
  • comm: The COSI communications server, hosting IRC and Jabber daemons.
  • tremulous: The COSI Tremulous server.
  • auth: The COSI LDAP authentication server.
  • Open Server Platform: A shared library and runtime environment for creating stable server daemons.

Some of my skills:

C, C++, (X)HTML, XML, XSLT, XUL, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Perl, MATLAB, Objective-C, Scheme, Prolog, Erlang, Java...

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