Virtual Machine Guidelines

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Before requesting a Virtual Machine for personal or open use, please review this page to ensure that your service is something that belongs on our servers. This is not a strict set of rules, and nor is this meant to deter the creation of new VMs.

Virtual Machine Hosts


Europa is a server that is reserved for the more critical systems in the labs. This includes, but not limited to, dns1, web1, etc. Most services do not need to be on this machine permanently.

Titan (Xen2)

Titan's purpose is currently unknown, as it is slated for a rebuild in the near future (as of Nov. 2013). It currently hosts some of the older systems in the labs. It is likely to stay a Xen system, rather than KVM.


Juno, although also slated for a rebuild, is for smaller systems, or personal projects. This is mostly the server new VMs will be created on.