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|contact_person = [[User:beadleha|'''Alan Beadle''']]
|contact_person = [[User:beadleha|'''Alan Beadle''']]
|last_update = ''unknown''
|last_update = ''Fall 2014''
|host_vm =
|host_vm =
|vm_host =
|vm_host =

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Contact Person: Alan Beadle
Last Update: Fall 2014


The wiki has been updated! The old one is still running, but if you are reading this, it's on the new one. There are a few remaining problems to fix, but it's mostly ready.


  • Special pages do not work
  • File uploads do not work, as a result of special pages not working
  • The COSI logo is slightly too big. This can easily be fixed when file uploads work
  • The "<source lang="txt"> </source>" tags prevent any pages that use them from loading. In the meantime, use <code> </code> , although this lacks syntax highlighting.