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'''Time zone:'''
$wgLocaltimezone = "America/New_York";
$oldtz = getenv("TZ");
# Subtract 6 minutes due to hwclock being off... This makes it correct to within a minute.
$wgLocalTZoffset = (date("Z") / 60) - 6;
'''User settings:'''
'''User settings:'''
# Force people to check their edit summaries
# Force people to check their edit summaries

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Hostname: docs.cosi.clarkson.edu & docs.cslabs.clarkson.edu
Operating system: Debian Etch
LDAP Support: No
Development Status: Stable
Status: Running

Docs is the virtual machine running the documentation web server (which includes this wiki) for COSI.

Changes to MediaWiki

The MediaWiki installation on Docs has been changed quite a bit from the default.



User settings:

# Force people to check their edit summaries
$wgDefaultUserOptions['forceeditsummary'] = 1;

# Registration disabled for all users EXCEPT sysops
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['createaccount'] = false;

# Must be logged in to edit
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;


Various templates have been added to better the user experience.