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|contact_person = [[Maintaining a Service|'''unmaintained''']]
|last_update = ''unknown''
|host_vm =
|vm_host =
|services =
|category = Service
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Contact Person: unmaintained
Last Update: unknown

The wiki has been up for over 2 years and receives at least a 1,000 hits each month with over 11,000 hits so far on the main page alone. Statistics on the wiki can be viewed on the Statistics page.

Changes to MediaWiki

The MediaWiki installation on Docs has been changed quite a bit from the default.



User settings:

# Force people to check their edit summaries
$wgDefaultUserOptions['forceeditsummary'] = 1;

# Registration disabled for all users EXCEPT sysops
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['createaccount'] = false;

# Must be logged in to edit
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;


Various templates have been added to better the user experience.