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IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Benjamin Lannon
Last Update: Fall 2014
VM Host (Physical): Bennu
Services: Documentation Wiki

The COSI Wiki, informally known as docs, is the service that hosts this article that describes the COSI Wiki, and many other pages.


The wiki has been updated! There are a few remaining problems to fix, but it's mostly ready.

It is currently hosted on the VM sometimes known as web3



Our wiki is mostly a pretty stock configuration of mediawiki as found in the debian wheezy repos.

As opposed to rebuilding it, the best thing to do is probably just upgrade to the next release of Debian, which is 8/Jessie. Make sure to follow the upgrade instructions for that release instead of blindly upgrading it, and make sure to have thorough backups before that (see below). Seriously, back this up. This wiki has a lot of history and it would be a shame to lose it.

When it finally needs to be rebuilt, you'll need a sql dump, the various config files, the extensions and the images folder. Then just use a stock mediawiki base, follow the instructions on the mediawiki wiki and it will probably work fine. Also set up short URL support as explained on the mediawiki wiki.