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Hostname: xen2.cslabs.clarkson.edu xen2.int.cslabs.clarkson.edu xen2.sr.cslabs.clarkson.edu
NIC 1: Clarkson Network
MAC: 00:1B:21:28:C8:4E
NIC 2: Internal Network
MAC: 00:E0:81:B5:88:84
NIC 3: Server Room Network
MAC: 00:E0:81:B5:88:85

Xen2 is the server responsible for hosting the following virtual machines.

  • None Yet

Xen2 is the 3U server located in the Unisys Rack above Xen1.

Xen2 runs CentOS 5 with Xen.

Setup Process

Technical Specifications