2016/2017 Project Ideas

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This is a community-driven list of project ideas for the 2016/2017 academic year; please feel free to add to it, or to bother whomever the project head would be!

Statuses are as follows:

Need Leader: The project has been suggested, but no one has volunteered to coordinate it.

Prep: A person has volunteered to coordinate the project, but needs to prepare or is busy with other things.

Ready: The project would begin if enough people were interested. Feel free to join!

In progress: The project has started. Feel free to join!

Project Name Project Leader Notes status
Linux Workflow Workshop Series Benjamin Lannon A series of workshops on introducing important concepts in the Linux workflow for all developers Prep
Web Design Workshop Benjamin Lannon A workshop series on the basics of modern web design Prep
Machine Learning Class Michael Fulton & Benjamin Lannon A series of classes on an introduction to Machine Learning Prep
Ansible James Bruska & Benjamin Lannon A project to automate many processes done in the labs (Put Central Authentication on a machine, spin up a VM, etc.) In progress
Management 2 Jared Dunbar A tool to check the status of COSI's infrastructure In progress