Access/Account Policy

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This purpose of this policy is to regulate access to lab resources while preserving the unique learning atmosphere associated with the labs. It establishes standard procedures for the creation, control, and removal of user access.

This policy applies to all individuals accessing resources in the Applied CS Labs at Clarkson University.

Access & Account Requests

Access to lab resources is available to Clarkson University students, alumni, faculty/staff, and cross-registered students only.

All lab members are authorized to receive basic access, accounts, and use of equipment upon requesting such for a valid academic reason. This includes physical access to the labs/server room, user accounts on systems, the creation of new systems (VMs), and the use of physical lab hardware. Requests are generally approved by a member(s) of the Admin board.

Access & Account Revocation

Prior to leaving the university or graduating, all keys to the labs, server room, and Science Center must be returned. In addition, most system accounts and extended privileges on the wiki will be deactivated/removed prior to the start of the following semester. These changes will be sent to the Admin board prior to being executed and will be communicated to those affected. Continued access to project VMs and isengard can be retained for alumni that request it.

If a member becomes inactive for an extended period of time or abuses their privileges, their accounts are also subject to being deactivated/removed at the discretion of the Admin board.

General access to the wiki, StatusNet, git, svn, and email will be retained indefinitely.


Exceptions to this policy will be evaluated by the Admin board on a case by case basis.