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The DDC-Rack (a misnomer?) is a research rack which has a contact point of Kyle Pederson.

I (jared) am the contact for the DDC-Router, a brickette used to run a DHCP server in order for the rack to be on its own isolated subnet, since COSI doesn't have enough spare addressess for their research considering that every machine is going to be a VM host that is in the rack, for research.

At some point I should document how I made it (I did it 3 times so I should know) but basically it is a NAT that gives out addresses at to (or 254?) and the router itself is at and

See Management or the latest network topology map to figure out where it currently is in the network. Right now it's connected via a specially crimped cable to S1, and the router machine itself has gigabit in and gigabit out, so there should be a rather decent connection directly to the internet. Not so much to COSI but somewhat. It could go on the 146 if we really wanted to secure it away from COSI.

Also- TFTP. Thanks bobby for playing with IPTables. This was a sort of testbed for ziltoid as it was being implemented.


To make tftp clients work from behind the NAT, the following modules must be loaded in /etc/modules-load.d/