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IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Benjamin Lannon
Last Update: January 2016
VM Host (Physical): 7 Grand Dad
Host VM: DubsDot
Services: Web Services
LDAP Support: yes

Hostname: dubsdot.cslabs.clarkson.edu
Operating system: Debian Jessie x64
LDAP Support: Yes
Development Status: Stable
Status: running

DubsDot is COSI's main web server. It runs services such as Talks and Fsuvius.


If you would like to host a website or web app on DubsDot, get in contact with Benjamin Lannon and then follow the Host a flask app on DubsDot or Host a static site on Dubsdot tutorials.

Services hosted

All of the following services are hosted on DubsDot


  • Fsuvius 3.0 Redesign