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This page contains links to the HOWTOs that are archived on the ITL website.

Author: Jeanna Matthews
Keywords: RIP, Cisco
Brief synopsis: Instructions for configuring a set of 5 routers in a loop or straight-line using RIP
Link: FiveRouterConfigurationLab.doc

Author: Steve Evanchik
Date presented: 10/22/01
Keywords: MRTG, SNMP, MIB, network monitoring
Brief synopsis: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher is an application written in C and perl that can gather and display a huge variety of information from machines that export it via the Simple Network Monitoring (SNMP) protocol. This HOWTO will show you how to set up a default MRTG configuration file and query one of Clarkson's local routers for some of its traffic summary information.
Link: MRTG_evanchsa_20011022

Author: Marshall Burns
Date presented: 12/4/01
Keywords: Linux, IR port
Brief synopsis: This HOWTO will explain step by step how to use the IR portto do networking under Linux - from configuring and compiling IR support into the kernel, to locating other IR devices, to sending and receiving traffic. Note Marshall and some friends used this to build an OpenGL battleship game that runs on Linux laptops for CS450 (Software Design and Development).
Link: linuxIR-burnsms-20011204

Author: Le-ake Mariam Kristos, Kieron Hinds and Dan Belina
Date presented: 12/4/01
Keywords: RIP, OSPF, BGP, ITL Default Network
Brief synopsis: Built a default network configuration involving all the routers in the ITL, Illustrates a "mini-Internet" with two autonomous systems, one running RIP and one running OSPF and then BGP between the autonomous systems.
Link: defaultNet-fall2001

Author: Jeanna Matthews
Date presented: 11/13/01
Keywords: PCATTCP, TTCP, benchmark
Brief synopsis: Test TCP (TTCP) is a command-line sockets-based benchmarking tool for measuring TCP and UDP performance between two systems. The TTCP utility can be effective in determining the actual bit rate of a particular LAN. This HOWTO will explain the steps to test a network, and give an idea of the theory behind the program.
Link: PCATTCP-jnm-20011113.htm

Author: Steve Kuhn and Steve Evanchik
Date presented: 2/20/02
Keywords: Home Networking, NAT, ICS
Brief synopsis: Setting up, and using the web interface on Cisco routers. Configuring MS Windows ICS to act as a quasi-router.
Link: homenetwork-evanchsa-kuhnsj-20020220/

Author: Todd Deshane and Ashwin Venkatraman
Brief synopsis: Extended PCATTCP to automate measurements of TCP and UDP traffic.
Link: User_Manual_PCATTCP_Controller_1.00.htm

Author: Agbeko Komla, Kwadwo Ofori, Renle Xia and Todd Deshane
Keywords: BGP, MySQL, PHP
Brief synopsis: Created a MySQL database to store and query BGP data.
Link: BGP Data Analysis Project (BDAP)

Author: Chris Baran
Date presented: 4/7/04
Keywords: Microsoft Windows Server Overview
Brief synopsis: Overview of the types of services available from Windows 2003 Server, including Active Directory, File Shares, Shadow Copy, and Remote Desktop with an emphasis on the new features since Windows Server 2000.
Link: Slides