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Who says there's no library at Clarkson? We host an extensive library of books and manuals related to FOSS, computer science, courses, and the equipment we maintain. And many other things also. We have book about many things. For instance bacon. This library spans several physical locations.

Bookshelf 1

This bookshelf is near the server room. It is in desperate need of organization and it has way too many books on it. However, the books on this shelf tend to be the less frequently used ones. It was being discarded by someone else in Fall 2014 and we moved it to COSI. It is of heavy steel construction, and is thus fairly durable.

Bookshelf 2

This bookshelf is near the cubby corner. It holds the most commonly referenced books. It is fairly durable.

Bookshelves 3 and 4

These shelves are of the cheap wooden type, and have been retired. One of them is still in COSI, and sometimes houses a pillow. The other has been moved to the 2nd floor CS Graduate space. These shelves were retired due to low capacity and lack of structural soundness. As in, you cannot safely sit on them. They break. And that previously happened every semester.

Book Wishlist

This is where you can add books that you want us to have in out library. Below are the ones that are cuyrrently up for consideration. Add yours below. If books are purchased, remove them from this list.