List of Past Projects

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This page lists all the COSI / ITL projects that are no longer being actively developed.



Lead: Martin McDermott

Other Members: Tabor Powelson

Active Directory (Infrastructure)

Lead: Matt McCarrell

Other Members: none

BGP Data Analysis Project (BDAP)

Blade Allocation

Members: Wenjin Hu, Madhu Hapuarachchi


Lead: Cyrus Katrak

Other Members: Zach Shepherd

Campus Linux Conversion Project

Lead: James Kraetz

Other Members: none

Notes: The goal of this project is simple: convert as much of Clarkson University students and staff to using Linux as possible. This project includes a web page that will be the home for FAQs, tutorials, and a forum to help new Linux users through converting from Windows to Linux. The page at this point is still a work in progress, but keep checking up as updates are posted regularly.

Cisco CCNA

Leader: Patty Jablonski

Other Members: Patty Jablonski, Dustin Jones, Cyrus Katrak, Creigh Long


Lead: Professor Hesse

Other Members:Ryan Lewis, Zach Shepherd, Jeff Ward, Jeremy Bongio

Notes: The Clarkson Open Source Institute and the Internet Teaching Lab are working on making a LAM/MPI cluster out of the lab computers as well as a web interface for submitting jobs. When this is complete, we will have around 40 3ghz nodes, and the Department of Mathematics (and any other who needs it) will be able to use this to compute some of their work.


(Clarkson University Open Source Institutes's Open Source Initiative)

Planned presentations on open source basics targeted at non-COSI members.

DNS Server

Lead: Matt McCarrell

Other Members: Cyrus Katrak, Jim Owens

Notes: This project has been completed in a Xen virtual machine which runs on Righteous. See cslabsdns for more details.

CS644 Xen and the Art of Repeated Research

CS654 Topics In Networking Projects

Digital Lifelines

Lead: Jeanna Matthews

Other Members: Max Edmands, Ryan Lewis, Zach Shepherd, Katelynn Wilton, but evidently not Justin Bennett or Jeff Ward

FANG: Functional lANGuage

Lead: Jacob Torrey

Other Members: none

Fedora Build

Lead: Ryan Lewis

Other Members: none

Head Start

Members: Wenjin Hu, Jeanna Matthews, Tabor Powelson

Gateway Server

Lead: Zach Shepherd

Other Members: Matt McCarrell

Notes: This project has been completed instead as a Xen virtual machine which runs on Righteous. See Isengard for more details.

Generic Database Explorer

Lead: Todd Deshane

Other Members: Todd Deshane, Wenjin Hu, Patty Jablonski, Josh Newell, James Werner

GNOME Media Manager

Members: Mike McCabe, Mike Chavoustie, Jeremy Bongio, Zack Colgan

Notes: The GNOME Media Manager (aka. the ‘Giant Project of Doom’) is an effort to simplify the use of external media players (MP3 players, iPods, etc) with the GNOME desktop environment. This will most likely include a media player API, gnome-vfs module, additions to the gnome-volume-manager, as well as nautilus enhancements.

Graphical Package Installer for Gentoo

Members: Jason Herne, Aaron Hughes, Kevin Roberts

Notes: The goal of this project was to create a more user friendly graphical package management system for Gentoo Linux, that will be based on the already existing portage system. The resulting applications main focus will be ease of use for beginning and intermediate computer users. The purpose of this focal point is to make Gentoo Linux more appealing to a large group of computer users. We hope that with this application managing program installations and updates will become easier. Linux will become a more viable option for home and business users who wish to try an alternate operating system and desktop environment.

Great summer cleaning of 2015

This is the most ambitious cleanup in the history of the labs. It entails fully emptying each side of COSI (one at a time) and then putting everything back after each pirce of hardware and furniture has been fully cleaned and the carpet shampooed. This is long overdue.

Lead: Alan Beadle

Other Members: Graham Northup, Corey "Rust" Richardson, Pad Cashin, James Bruska

Honeypot Project (ITL)

Lead: Roger Ignazio

Other Members: Alexandria Barr, Mukund Krishnan, Christopher Lane, Jeanna Matthews, Michael McKenna-Mattiaccio, Bryan Rose


Members: Everyone

Notes: Several parts of the restoration of COSI fall under this category. The first would be the BladeCenter. Currently we have it completely assembled and are currently using it to host graduate student research.

Secondly, we are in the process of getting our EXP400 storage expansion units to work properly with our BladeCenter. We have ran into several road blocks with this so far.

We also have been working on getting our ES7000 over from OIT and into COSI so we can actually start using it.

The Internet

The Internet is a project to offer storage for the IA.BAK project, a project to backup the internet archive.


Project Lead: Bobby Newman

Other Members: Benjamin Lannon

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

Members: Todd Deshane, Patty Jablonski, Sarah Jozefiak, Creigh Long, Scott Mead, Jeff Ward

IT Professional Presentation

Notes: To take place in Fall 2004, the IT Professional Presentation will be given to IT staff and system administrators in the North Country area. Similar to the one given in the Spring of 2003, this presentation will cover another topic in Linux system administration that can benefit schools, businesses, and local organizations.


Members: Michael McCabe, Jeremy Bongio

Notes: The purpose of this project is to create a web based virtualization management system for Xen. The system will be implemented in Java and run on Tomcat.

LDAP Server

Lead: Jacob Torrey

Other Members: none

Notes: The LDAP server has been completed. It is set to be put into production in the near future. See Auth, Configure System for LDAP, and Configure LDAP Users for more details.

Linux Intro Workshop

Members: Erica Decker, Todd Deshane, Ryan Kornheisl, Keegan Lowenstein, Zach Shepherd

Linux Zoo

Lead: Todd Deshane

Other Members: none

Notes: The Linux Zoo project is designed to help students in COSI become familiar with the variety of distributions of Linux, BSD, and other open source operating systems that are available. A subset of our lab machines will be dual-booted with a different distribution to allow our members and other students on campus to gain familiarity and experience these systems.


Lead: Michael McCabe

Other Members: none

Notes: The purpose of this project is to create a database for movies. It will run on Mac OSX and be written in Cocoa using Objective C.


Lead: Creigh Long

Other Members: Todd Deshane, Patty Jablonski, Creigh Long

Nested Virtualization Research With KVM

Wiki Lead: Eli M. Dow

Other Members: Jeanna Matthews, Tao Yang, Thomas Fitzimmons, James A Licata, Joshua White, John Stacy

Network Security Project

Notes: See Projects Notes.

NFS Updates

Members: Michael McCabe, Jason Herne

Notes: This project will update the NFSv3 code that Jason Herne originally wrote for the kernel to the kernel. When that task is complete the code will then be ported to NFSv4. The code can be used to allow read and write rate limiting. Other features that may be added are, append only mode, no execute options, and a file size limitation.


Members: Leslie Cherian, Sailaja Yagnavajhala

Open Network Registrar

Lead: Zach Colgan

Other Members: Lisa Bostrom, Wenjin Hu, Dustin Jones, Chris Peterman, Alex Dementsov, Jim Owens, Chandan Rupakheti, Sheela Surisetty

Notes: Also see Clarkson Press Release, Zach Colgan's Fall 2005 MP* Page, Zach Colgan's Spring 2006 MP* Page, Zach Colgan's Fall 2006 MP* Page.

Open Server Platform

Lead: Jacob Torrey

Other Members: Ryan Lewis


Lead: Jon Peck

Other Members: Todd Deshane, Patty Jablonski, Martin McDermott, Jim Owens, Jon Peck, Jon Wolgast


Lead: Todd Deshane, Pat Wilbur

Other Members: Chelsea Ross, Brian Roscoe Mark Platek


Back in the days of yore clarkbw didn't like the way the kernel mailing list worked... craptons of traffic with patches, comments on patches, patches for patches, etc. etc. Very difficult to navigate and search -- so he thought it'd be a good idea to try and create a central place where kernel hackers could share/submit/etc. patches, comment on them, fix them, update them, etc. Patchdot was the result... admittedly it didn't get very far (we got it mostly working, but what ended up killing it was the myriad of ways people would actually submit patches to the mailing list. It made it really hard to parse them out so they could be presented well).

clarkbw has a description of it in his old old CV here:

There are also some hacking pictures here:

And here's where we were mentioned on Slashdot:

Power Measurement

Lead: Jeanna Matthews

Other Members: Jeremy Bongio, Tao Yang

Project Challenge

P2P Networking

Lead: Gary Hamilton

Other Members: none

Pen2 Gentoo Installer

Notes: Pen2 is a graphical installer written in Python and PyGTK for the Gentoo Linux distribution. It was used by the Gentoo installer team as a model for their current installer project. Although COSI is not working on the offical installer, the aim of Pen2 is to be as user friendly as possible. Check their webpage for details.


Leaders: Todd Deshane, Patty Jablonski

Other Members: Leslie Cherian, Todd Deshane, Wenjin Hu, Patty Jablonski, Creigh Long, Anthony Peltz, Chris Peterman, Joey Skufca

Projects Database

Members: Justin Basinger, Chris Johnson, James Kim, Justin Leider

Notes: The projects database will incorporate a number of initiatives that COSI has had in the works for a period of time. First, it will be a database of current COSI projects, project members, and project information that can become a central repository (as opposed to these web pages). It will also become a project ideas database, cataloging ideas COSI members have for projects but may not necessarily have the time to complete. Overall, its goal is to become the central project repository for our membership.


Lead: Patrick Wilbur

Other Members: none

Notes: Pat will be creating a project server that will house everyone’s project files. He is writing an administrative shell as well as a client application for everyone to use.

PR Team

Lead: Eli Dow

Other Members: Todd Deshane, Robert Garnsey

Activities: Activities Fair, Open House

Public Media Manager Project

Notes: See

Rapid Recovery Project

Lead: Jeanna Matthews, Todd Deshane

Other Members: Wenjin Hu, Alex Dementsov

Remote Lab Maintenance

Members: Rouslan Solomakhin, Rob Tirrel

Notes: The purpose of this project is to create lab update scripts that will work from a remote location to help update, and configure systems. They are designed to detect whether they can do things depending on whether a person is logged in.

Render Farm

Lead: Mary Larrousse

Router Setup

Lead: Nate Wilson

Other Members: none

Safe Surfing

Lead: Josh Newell

Other Members: none


Members: Cyrus Katrak, Jeanna Matthews

Temperature Monitoring

Lead: Jim Owens

Other Members: none

Notes: With our brand new server room, Jim felt that it was important to start monitoring the temperature in there as well as the labs in general. Once installed, we were surprised by how inconsistent the temperatures were and are now in the process of getting this settled so that our hardware lasts longer. See

Temperature Monitoring Project V2

Lead: Michael Tarsel

Other Members: Ethan Miller, Muhammed-B Yusuf, Sean O'Byrne and Derek Klatt

Time Server

Lead: Justin Bennett

Other Members: none

Notes: This was an attempt to create an NTP server that would be added to the NTP pool project. Due to hardware issues (trying to use a virtual machine and the limitations that presents), the project was mostly abandoned. Another shot at this could prove very successful if done on cheap, dedicated hardware.


Lead: Jason Herne

Other Members: Martin McDermott, Pat Kelly, Mark Bridgman

Unisys Server

Lead: Jacob Torrey

Other Members: Matt McCarrell

UNISYS TuxMasters Invitational 2005

UNISYS TuxMasters Invitational 2006

Virtual Machine (VM) Project

Virtualization Testing

Members: Madhu Hapuarachchi, Mamoon Hajja

Web Server Administration (Infrastructure)

Lead: Ryan Lewis

Other Members: Jacob Torrey

VMware Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge

Voice over IP (VoIP)


Members: Michael McCabe, Justin Basigner, Jeremy Bongio, Edward Despard

Notes: The purpose of this project is to create a Linux distribution that is based around Xen. It will have an easy to use installer and several different tools for configuring and updating domains and services.

zServer Team

Lead: Jason Herne

Other Members: Andrew Bingham, Michael McCabe, Benjamin Shambaugh, David Carrigg, Justin Leider, Jay Frantz, Kevin Roberts, Ryan Miller, Corey Girard, Zachary Colgan, Aaron Hughes

Activities: zServer Administration, Designing GUI for zServer Administration, Documentation and Tutorials

Notes: The goal of this project is to create a program that a z/VM administrator can use to easily and efficiently monitor and manage a z/VM environment on an IBM eServer zSeries mainframe. They wish to provide an easy and intuitive user interface in such a way that the end user will not need to know a great deal about CP/CMS commands or z/VM in general in order to perform basic system administration tasks.

Notes: See and