List of Previous Events (2016-2017)

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Here is a list of events that have previously happened during the 2016-2017 school year.

Rust Workshop

Corey gave a workshop on the Rust Programming Language on Sept. 11

OS / Robigalia Workshops

Corey gave a series of workshops on Operating Systems and his OS for the seL4 kernel, Robigalia

COSI Webdev group

Benjamin Lannon leads a group of students who are interested in web development through a series of meetings on learning concepts, but also through developing COSI websites.

7 Hour Roguelike

A dozen cosinaughts participated in this semester's 7 hour rogue like, using languages ranging from Matlab, C++, and even TI-Basic - see

Hike by Reference 2016

many COSI members hiked up Ampersand Mountain in the annual Hike by Reference


7 COSI members participated in the annual ACM ICPC. Students participated from schools including Clarkson University, Clark University, Saint Lawrence University, and Middlebury College.

Git Workshop

Benjamin Lannon gave an intro workshop to the most popular version control system, Git. There was one given during both the fall and spring semesters

LaTeX Workshop

Benjamin Lannon gave an intro workshop to the LaTeX typesetting system

Processing Workshop

Thomas Withiam gave a workshop on how to use the basics of the Processing Programming Language on December 2nd. He also gave another workshop during the spring semester

Hack Potsdam I

A decent amount of COSI members participated in first Hack Potsdam, a hackathon hosted by SUNY Potsdam's ACM (And co-hosted by COSI as of Hack Potsdam II)

Hack Upstate VIII

5 COSI members and a few Potsdam ACM members participated in the Hack Upstate hackathon hosted in Syracuse during Fall break.

Robotics Workshops

Michael Fulton Has given a series of workshops introducing COSI members to the ROS library to interface with the robots we own.

Siege Technologies Hosting

COSI invited Siege Technologies to the COSI meeting during the week of the Career fair

GE Talk

COSI hosted a talk from two GE Engineers during the week of the Career Fair

Lockheed Martin Talk

COSI hosted a talk from a Lockheed Martin Engineer midway through the semester


Prof. Liu and 2 frequent cosinaughts went to Austin, TX for NANOG 68

MP* Presentations (Fa2016)

9 students took MP* this semester, Link to web pages here

Science Center Floor 3 Mapping

Michael Fulton lead a project to map the 3rd floor using Google's OSS cartographer and the turtlebots

Project Challenge: Tasty Computing with Raspberry Pi's

In conjunction with IgniteCS, Many COSI members taught the Python programming language to high School students from the north country and will be teaching / have taught other CS topics including Algorithms, Networking, and GPIO with the Pi's.

Amazon Alexa Workshop

Michael Fulton gave a workshop this spring on an introduction how to make skills for Alexa, which runs on the Amazon Echo and relevant devices

COSI VR Game Jam

Hunter Quant hosted a Game Jam February 18th focusing on developing games and experiences through Virtual reality devices like Google Cardboard or the HTC Vive

Hack Potsdam II

COSI and the Potsdam ACM Hosted the 2nd semesterly hackathon. The winning team were students from the COSI and the CS Dept. Over 100 students from across NY and neighboring states participated.