List of Services created (2015-2016)

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This is a list of services that were created in the 2015-2016 school year.


Management is a status checker for our services in the server room


Talks is a web app to write down things to discuss at our weekly meetings


Androbattery is a machine that can be used to spin up Android VMs to test applications on Android


Odin is the VM used for CS141 classes to be used to upload CS141 homeworks and labs.


COSI as of 2015 now hosts a Tor Exit Node


The new FOSS mirror was fundraised and built from scratch and launched finally in April 2016


Ziltoid is the lab's current firewall / ssh gateway


Dubsdot is the current webserver that hosts multiple web apps and sites such as Fsuvius, Talks, Print, and others

Derpy Sayings

Derpy Sayings was a fun project that uses Derpy Writer with old folk sayings to have quite interesting and novel sayings.