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In conjunction with Clarkson's Internet Teaching Laboratory, students will participate in projects related to computer networking such as implementing network software, configuring networking hardware, simulating large-scale networks, evaluating and testing computer security, administering the Internet Teaching Laboratory, deploying networked solutions for community members or developing network tutorials for other students. Students will construct web-based portfolios and give oral presentations of their work.


The courses available are MP152 for freshman, MP252 for sophomores, MP352 for juniors, MP452 for seniors, and MP552 for graduate students.


The course is offered as variable credit and is generally taken for 0, 1, 2, or 3 credits at one time. Registering for 0 credits requires attending Networking Club meetings every other week as well as workshops, volunteering 5 hours in the lab, and submitting a webpage describing what you have learned and done for the semester. For 1 to 3 credits, discuss particular project plans with the instructor.


  • Contribute to one of the ongoing projects in the lab
  • Write documentation or HOWTOs for exercises involving ITL hardware or software
  • Capture and analyze interesting traces of network activity
  • Help with the lab build or other lab maintenance activities (opportunity to learn valuable system administration tasks)
  • Complete Cisco CCNA training
  • Attend the Networking Club meetings
  • Join one of the IETF working groups
  • Offer a workshop to the ITL members or the campus community (e.g. home networking, basic network security, etc.)
  • Monitor the lab (3 hours per week)
  • Represent the ITL at Clarkson Open Houses

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