Presentations/Fall 2009

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Full Presentations

Date Time Presenter(s) Topic Status Resources
8/27/2009 8:00 PM Current Lab Members Extended 1st Meeting Reticulating CS Labs
??? 20:00 Jacob Torrey Introduction to System Arch. (I) Completed
??? 20:00 Jacob Torrey Introduction to System Arch. (II) Completed
9/10/2009 19:00 Zach Shepherd Creating a Debian Package Complete
10/1/2009 19:00 Zach Shepherd Expect Complete
10/22/2009 18:30 Jacob Torrey, Zach Shepherd, and others Interviewing for CS Jobs Planned
10/29/2009 19:00 Zach Shepherd LaTeX/BibTeX Tentative
10/29/2009 20:00 Zach Shepherd Beamer Tentative
11/12/2009 20:00-22:00 Zach Shepherd Amazon EC2 and S3 Scheduled Signup/Register on the sheet just inside the COSI door
??? ??? Pat Wilbur, Todd Deshane Lessons I Learned In Montreal (About Security) Proposed
??? ??? Wenjin Hu Log-structured FS: Nilfs Proposed
??? ??? Jacob Torrey Introduction to Rootkits Proposed

Lightning Talks

Resources are presentation files or links.

Date Presenter Topic Resources
9/3/2009 Todd Deshane My laptop (IBM T60 Intel VT CPU, 1024MB RAM), 4 GB usb drive, COSI projector,
9/3/2009 Erin Kennedy Wolfram Alpha
9/3/2009 Patrick Wilbur OSCKAR
9/10/2009 Jacob Torrey Git
9/10/2009 Todd Deshane Anubis + malware + Wireshark + Wine <malware link redacted>
9/17/2009 Pat Wilbur
  • Kiosckar
  • OSCKAR projects that need your help
  • Future OSCKAR work
9/17/2009 Zach Shepherd Record my Desktop
9/17/2009 Matt McCarrell Dialog
9/17/2009 Zach Shepherd Zenity
9/24/2009 Todd Deshane Simple PHP script for voting page ITL projector +
9/24/2009 Erin Kennedy Physical computing with Arduinos![1], BubbleBoy[2]
9/24/2009 Zach Shepherd Reddit
10/1/2009 Jon Deane Sandboxie COSI projector + my laptop
10/8/2009 Peter Ehrlich Mind mapping MindNode
10/8/2009 Todd Deshane Don't let classes get in the way of your education presentation
10/15/2009 Zach Shepherd Building a Debian Metapackage
10/15/2009 Erin Kennedy TGIMBOEJ! TGIMBOEJ[3]
10/22/2009 Zach Shepherd An example of why to keep your software up-to-date (SSL certificate spoofing)
10/22/2009 Jacob Torrey Problem of the week announcement Problem of the week 2009-10-22
10/29/2009 Zach Shepherd Amazon EC2/S3 in 5 minutes
10/29/2009 Zach Shepherd Problem of the week announcement Problem of the week 2009-10-29
11/19/2009 Chris Peterman Dropbox
11/19/2009 Erin Kennedy Twitter API Calls Twitter API Calls
01/14/2010 Erin Kennedy BattleCode
01/14/2010 Erin Kennedy "Open Source is terrifying!" [4]