Sample COSI Open House Presentation

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This is a reference for topics to discuss at Open House


Usually Jeanna talks to prospective students and families for part of the session on the academic side of CS at Clarkson. This includes a overview of the curriculum, the CS faculty, and highlights of going into CS.


A good amount of COSI members stand in front of the lab to discuss the experiences that are gained in COSI. We begin by going down the line and introducing your name, year, major, and interests in CS. Following, we have a Q&A session to have people ask questions about COSI or Clarkson in General.

Many topics usually brought up include:

  • What is COSI
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Internship opportunities
  • Research opportunities
  • Differences between CS & Software Engineering
  • Projects going on in the labs
  • why did we choose Clarkson (many say because of COSI)