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Proposed Deletion

I am proposing the deletion of this page because it contains only information that is already available on the Blade Center page, the List of VMs page and the pages for each VM (Mirror, Cosi (VM), Tremulous, etc.). Because of the complete redundancy of information, this page serves only to create additional upkeep work when pages are made. In addition, "Web Services" is too open to interpretation to allow for a well defined page.

To reitterate, I have three primary reasons for this proposal:

  1. Redundancy of information
  2. Increased upkeep
  3. Poorly defined article scope

What do other people think? --Shephezj 20:51, 8 October 2007 (UTC)

AGREE: This page is necessary. I created it because it was on a list of Most Wanted pages for the wiki so I just threw it together.