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Zabbix is what runs report.

To enable reporting for a Debian server, follow these steps (which happen to also be a shell script):

       function conf_replace() { sed -i $1 -e "s/$2/$3/"; }
       zabbix_release="zabbix-release_2.0-1wheezy_all" # change for your debian version
       hostname=$(hostname) # fix this if the hostname isn't correct!
       dpkg -i zabbix*.deb # this package sets up the repository containing the actual packages
       rm zabbix*.deb
       apt-get update # sync repos
       apt-get install -y zabbix-agent # install reporting agent
       service zabbix-agent stop # stop it
       local zabbix_file="$rt/etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf"
       conf_replace $zabbix_file "LogFileSize=0" "LogFileSize=30" # configure it to use our server
       conf_replace $zabbix_file "Server=" "Server=$zabbix_server"
       conf_replace $zabbix_file "Hostname=Zabbix server" "Hostname=$(hostname)"
       # now go bother the report maintainer to make it do reporting for the server
       echo "ALL: $zabbix_server" >> /etc/hosts.allow # make sure we can connect to the zabbix server